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P02/UA/05/2020 (UAE PROMOTION)

Promo CodeP02/UA/05/2020
Expiry Date30 Jun 2020
Estimated CostAED 1,614,000.00

AED 10,000 including all the tender services drawings and Municipality permits will be free.

This villa has 2 floors + roof with a total area of 538 m2 and an estimated cost of AED 1,614,000.00. It is a modern style with multi-bed rooms with its own suite on both floors. It is a smart home and centralized air-conditioning. All spaces are created to maximize its own functions and uses. Its inner surrounding is created with the breathable environment and pleasing to the occupants. Its exterior is covered with plaques of stones/ stone-finished. 

Ground Floor Includes 

  • 3 Sitting Area 
  • Guest Bedroom 
  • Breakfast Area 

Service Block Includes 

Kitchen, Store, and Maid

Ground Floor Area 272 Square Meter 

First Floor Includes 

  • Master Bed Room with suite 
  • 3 Master Bed Room 
  • Sitting Area 
  • Pantry

First Floor Area 266 Square Meter

Total Area 538 Square Meter