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P04/UK/08/2020 (UK PROMOTION)

Promo CodeP04/UK/08/2020
Expiry Date31 Aug 2020
Estimated Cost-

GBP 3800 including all the tender services drawing.

This villa has three floors with a total area of 665 m2 . On the ground floor, it is filled with wide-ranging spaces of guestroom, dining room, kitchen and sitting areas that overlooking the swimming pool. Multi-master bedrooms in upper floors with its own suite and balcony with the pool and garden view, sitting areas, and pantry. All spaces on all floors are created to maximize its own functions and uses. This villa is a smart home with state-of-the-art technology, uses a centralized heating system and solar roof paneling system to reduce electricity use and costs. Its interior is created to be equipped with modern style decor and appealing to the occupants. This villa   s exterior is simply finished with UK typical home design and facade.