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Leading Interior Design Company In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al ain, UAE, and UK.

Eastconsults is the best interior design company in UAE having offices in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, Dubai. UAE, and London, UK.

East Consult is a highly recognized luxury interior design company in UAE with a specialty in creating aesthetically pleasing and functional residential, commercial interior designs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al ain, UAE, and London, UK.

Good interior design can transform a space and the way the occupier feels about it, it starts at the beginning and it is worth getting it right. Our interior designers start by looking at the space planning and design concept and use our technical know-how to plan the layouts and fit-outs. We look at incorporating interior details, review how the interior architecture will work, and utilize our extensive knowledge of fabrics, wallpapers, and specialist finishes. We start with a design concept; we develop that concept into a scheme and then we turn that scheme into reality. 

When looking at the interior design we always keep the clients    end goals at the forefront of our minds, we appreciate the importance of not only achieving an interior that works on a practical level but that also achieves an ambiance and aesthetic that sits in line with the company   s brand identity.

Our interior design team holds more than a decade of experience working across the residential interior design and commercial interior design sectors. We have worked on high-end residential homes and commercial hospitality venues. We work with our trusted architects and look at interior design layouts, concepts, and specifications and look at a tailored interior design service to suit your project whether it is large or small.

Interior Design UAE | Decor Design UAE 

Eastconsults A well-established Interior Design Company serving UAE and UK from its offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al ain, UAE, and London, UK.

The extremely efficient and creative team of interior designers and engineers at East Consult has worked hard to bring us in the list of best interior design companies in UAE and UK. Eastconsult is known to be among the top and most competitive residential and commercial interior design companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, London.

Eastconsults interior design service has completed many projects from residential villas to commercial spaces like decor design for Malls, Restaurants, Shops, Hotels in UAE, and the UK.

Decor design for Restaurant in UAE and UK

When eating out, a good review isn   t solely down to the food; a restaurant's interior plays an important role in the whole dining experience. Knowing how to create an environment that complements the menu and space   s interior architecture is no simple skill.

Eastconsults provides restaurants design ideas and various styles such as modern, classic, traditional to add a chic, luxury, and elegant ambiance to the place.

Leading among Decor Design for Restaurant Companies in UAE, Eastconsults is responsible to provide high-quality interior solutions that realize the concept of the restaurant in the perfect alignment of the client   s expectations. Our talented interior design engineers will distribute your budget and plan in the most innovative and creative ways to produce the best experience on the expected infrastructure. Eastconsults is the best restaurant interior design UAE you can trust to deliver results that surpass expectations.

Contact us for Decor design for Hotels and Restaurants in UAE and UK.

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Decor design for Mall in UAE and UK

Decorating the shopping mall environment with professional interior design becomes a common practice in the shopping mall industry for the sake of attracting visitors and customers.

It is no doubt that a unique shopping mall design will easily become a trick for attracting traffic and executing campaign successfully.

Increase flows, sales, and the mall   s reputation by decor design for malls by Eastconsults. Contact us for the interior design of the mall.

Leading Interior Design Company in Al Ain, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi

Eastconsults is a reputable, internationally recognized, and one of the successful interior design companies in Al Ain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, which specializes in delivering interior design, architectural, and planning projects throughout UAE and UK.

As a team of highly qualified interior designers and engineers, Eastconsults offers complete interior design, architectural design from mall design to restaurants, offices, shops design as well as the exterior design of any project based on customer   s needs.

We have a passionate team of interior design engineers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al ain, UAE, and the UK. 

Exclusive decor design for residential, commercial, and hospitality projects.