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Smart IT Solutions is our total package and integrations of smart, connected products and systems, technology, and smart services customized to solve our customers' toughest challenges. The automation and analytics that make up Smart Solutions are taking our customers to new levels of performance by maximizing production, lowering costs, and helping keep people from harm's way. 

We deliver end-to-end tailored security solutions to a range of industry sectors including Government, Oil & Gas, banking, healthcare, transport, commercial, industrial, mall & medium supermarkets, retail stores, and homes. East Consult provides a full turnkey service, from concept phase through to design, development, and maintenance.

We offer the highest level of service in the industry for design, engineering, consulting, and the management of integrated systems that meet your budget and needs, complete with professional after-sales support. Only by solving your problems and supporting your needs can we distinguish ourselves in our industry.